Born in New Zealand, lives in Melbourne Australia

Honors in Visual Communication, Major in Painting, Unitec Auckland, NZ

Solo Exhibitions,
2018 Low Cloud, Parlour Projects, Hawks Bay, NZ
2017 Find Your Way, Tim Melville, Auckland, NZ
2017 Easy Fold, BUS projects, Melbourne, AUS

2017 Beat Box Blues Harp, Daine Singer, Melbourne, AUS
2016 Structures of Viewing, Tim Melville, Auckland, NZ
2016 Scales at Play, Neo Space, Melbourne, AUS
2016 Eye Shots, Paulnache Gallery, NZ
2015 Digression, Tim Melville, Auckland, NZ
2015 Wrestling Posters Cause Fights, Fontanelle Gallery, Adelaide, AUS
2015 BillyCart, Brunswick Lake Gallery, Melbourne, AUS
2014 Look/See, Chapter House Gallery, Melbourne, AUS
2014 Slug und Salat, Augusto Space, Auckland, NZ
2014 Slug und Lettuce, Paulnache Gallery, Gisbourne, NZ
2013 Raunmschiff Betreuen, Baustelle Gallery, Berlin, DE
2013 Pictorial Grammar, Holborn Building Space, London, UK
2012 Who Moved My Cheese, Paulnache Gallery, Gisborne, NZ
2011 Periscope Dots, Ninety Gallery, Auckland, NZ
2010 Shit Hit The Fan, The Gallery With No Name, Auckland, NZ
2009 Wall Furniture, Auckland, NZ

Group Exhibitions (selected)
2018 Colour & Line II, Tim Melville, Auckland, NZ
2018 I like Anything, Tans Martial Arts, Melbourne, AUS
2018 Passenger, 
 Perera-Picco Artspace, Adelaide, AUS
2017 ICON, Richmond Townhall Gallery, Melbourne, AUS
2017 South, North, and Indented Head, Adelaide, AUS
2017 Bricolage, ACSA, Adelaide, AUS
2016 Re - Purpose, Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra, AUS
2016 Middle Distance,Praxis Artspace, Adelaide, AUS
2016 National Contemporary Art Award, Waikato Museum, NZ
2016 Chain of Mountains, TCB, Melbourne, AUS
2016 Auckland Art Fair, Tim Melville Stand D2, NZ
2016 More Ground, Hanging Valley, Melbourne, AUS
2016 Painting Matter, Daine Singer, Melbourne, AUS
2016 48 Stunden Neukölln, Baustelle Gallery, Berlin, DE
2016 Painting Prog, The Pah Homestead, TSB Wallace Arts Trust, NZ
2015 Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Tim Melville, stand D12, Sydney, AUS
2015 The Emperors New Clothes, Morrinsville Whare Toi Wallace Gallery, NZ
2015 the smell of an oily rag, Fort Delta Gallery, Melbourne, AUS
2015 The Emperors New Clothes, M Contemporary Gallery, Sydney, AUS
2015 The Emperors New Clothes, Paulnache Gallery, Gisborne, NZ
2014 Now You See It, Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland, NZ
2014 A Beautiful Life, Paulnache Gallery, Gisbourne, NZ
2014 Melbourne Art Fair Paulnache Gallery, Stand E125, Melbourne AUS
2014 Tools of the Trade, The Wandering Room, Brisbane, AUS
2014 Lying In Space, Upstairs 30 Gallery, Wellington, NZ
2014 The Aggregate & the Algorithm, Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne,AUS
2014 Three Colours White, Tim Melville Gallery Auckland, NZ
2014 Bootie Time, Das Boot, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, AUS
2014 Frameless, Development Residency & Gallery, Auckland, NZ
2014 Tools of The Trade, Paulnache Gallery, Gisbourne, NZ
2014 LegRoom, Studio 40, Auckland, NZ
2014 Pitch2, BaumgartenBrandt Rechtsanwälte, Berlin DE
2013 Starlight Kurzen, Baustelle Gallery, Berlin, DE
2013 Build the | das Bild, Berthelsdorfer str, Berlin, DE
2013 Ost Und Wieder, Baustelle Gallery, Berlin, DE
2012 Small Works Gallery, Brisbane, AUS
2011 Show Me Dont, Tell Me, Ninety Gallery Auckland, NZ
2010 Rhubarb Shoots, Shed 5, Auckland, NZ
2010 4 Years Deep’ Lake House, Auckland, NZ
2009 Nicht So Schlimm, High Street Project, Christchurch, NZ
2009 Wallace Art Awards Travelling Show, TheNewDowse, Wellington, NZ

Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki
James Wallace Arts Trust, New Zealand